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A World of Opportunities: Becoming a Notary Public


Learn how to become a Notary Public and discover the various ways you can make money as a Notary Public. From General Notary Work, such as notarizing legal documents to becoming a Loan Signing Agent, being a Notary Public is a rewarding career.

This book provides an overview of the process of becoming a Notary Public. The author details the steps needed to become a notary and what can be done once a notary has been commissioned by the state. Author Emily Boone looks at becoming a loan signing agent and how to become a remote online notary (RON).


Millions of Americans work as Notaries Public to keep people from being scammed or having their identities stolen. In fact, businesses, government agencies, and private people need them so much that there is one Notary for every 72 people in the country. 

Even though being a Notary may seem like a boring job, they are there to see and verify the signing of our most important documents, such as mortgage documents, powers of attorney, contracts, adoption papers, advance medical directives, and other important transactions that affect our lives and the economy. It’s also a great way to make extra money from home or boost your career and resume. 


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