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Figure out your values and align your life to them. Learn what you need to be happy, map out your path toward a changed life, turn “some day” into “now,” and discover your hidden abilities.
Discover those things things holding you back. Where have you struggled and why? Why haven’t you made a change before?
Devise a plan to make your dream come to life. Build a new road map based on what you need to accomplish your goal.
Look at your year and cheer your accomplishments. Determine what needs to be done to keep accomplishing your goals and develop new ones.
Work with a coach to grow and build new skills. Learn more about One-on-One Coaching and how it can help you get on the right track.

15 Minute Mentor Masterclass

$1,000Ongoing. One-time payment. 6-month commitment.

15 Minute Mentor Intensives

$500+Weekend training. Ask about upcoming intensive events.

15 Minute Mentor Personal Coaching

$150One-on-One Session.


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Webinars, masterclass events, and special training to help you focus and develop new talents.

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Insights and articles on various coaching subjects, ideas, and philosophies.

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1 on 1 coaching

Sit down with a coach you will hold you accountable and stretch your limits. Gain new insights from a 1-on-1 relationship.

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coaching online

Encore editions of featured webinars, online courses, and special coaching.

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Live video training, archived videos, and links to exceptional sources.

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Strategies for being happy, finding money, and how to let things go until the next day.

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Gen X Rejuvenation

It is time for a change. You can feel it. You just don't know how to start. You may want a career change, but worry about Your age. Or, change has come unexpectedly. Change doesn't mean you're stuck. Our New Life Coaching can enable you to move forward unafraid and ready for change.

Gen X Leadership

The team counts on you to manage and lead. You have the title of manager, but the team seems to be working for someone else. It is time you became the leader the team wants and deserves. Out Building Champions coaching teaches you how to be a dynamic leader.

Gen X Relationships

Our family relationships often take a back-burner to our jobs. We get so focused, we tend to forget to nurture our family. Pretty soon, the spark is gone. Our Relationship Dynamics coaching helps you become your best self so you can give and receive what you want from your relationships.

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