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We weren’t born knowing how to communicate with others effectively. Most of our communication skills come from our parents. So in most cases it can be tough striking a conversation with someone attractive. Communication and tips are important for increasing your attractiveness and making it easier to start.

Dating Secrets Revealed takes you into the mind of men and women to provide you with tips and secrets you can use to attract the perfect partner.

Join Dating Coach Maria Tomlinson as she reveals:

  • Track One – How to Avoid the Woman/Man of Your Dreams
  • Track Two – Is It Possible To Escape the Friend-Zone?
  • Track Three – Planning a Romantic and Fun-Filled Date
  • Track Four – Things You Should Know About a Potential Spouse Before Engagement
  • Track Five – 3 Very Important Dating Tips

This book comes on an Audio CD so you can listen in your car or download the files to your computer.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in this 5-part audio book:

  • what the other sex wants in a partner
  • when to move on from the friend-zone
  • how to turn the friend-zone into the romantic-zone
  • making your next date a romantic adventure
  • the #1 thing to avoid in a potential spouse
  • discovering what is important to you
  • and much more.

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