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Our Premium Coaching offers you somebody who acts more like a mentor than a coach.

More Than a Coach – A Mentor

The success of any individual relates to the amount of learning, coaching, and mentoring they receive during their careers.

For the Baby Boomer generation, coaching and mentoring was something you did on your own – coaches often were found rather than provided. For the Generation X generation, sometimes companies saw the value in having a coach – and they often provided one.

The Millennial Generation fully expects a coach to help them and guide them.

The various expectations of coaching all center around the basic premise – all successful individuals continue to learn.

If you want success, you work with a coach.

Now, sometimes the coach works for the company and is only looking out for its best interests. They will tend to focus only on work issues important to your employer.

What if you want someone to help you develop a new idea, business, or find more time for your passions? You need a personal coach.

Our Premium Coaching provides you with someone who will:

  • Create a structured program based on your desires
  • Will meet with your on a regular basis
  • Will develop an ongoing relationship that can last your entire career
  • Focus on career and personal development
  • Will help you resolve work and family obstacles

Your coach is passionate about helping you become a dynamic leader in your work and personal life.

And we see this as more than just coaching. Really, it is mentoring. While coaching may only be for a short period of time helping you overcome a specific issue or performance challenge in the present, mentoring is a longer process that helps you grow as a complete person for the future.

We can create a powerful coaching environment to allow you to develop as a leader in work and life. Ask us for more details.

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