Intensive Coaching

Our Intensive Coaching changes your setting, places you in a caring environment, and gives you the tools you need to grow and recover.

Step Out of Your Normal Routine

When you are facing a major change – divorce, unemployment, death – a few days away from your stress could change the rest of your life forever.

If you’re in the middle of something really hard, such as struggling with the death of someone close or feeling depressed about your current life path, an intensive takes you out of your habitual thinking and gives you a new perspective.

Our Intensive Coaching takes place in beautiful settings with ample opportunities for rest and reflection. You meet personally with your coach one-on-one for discovery in powerful conversations. Intensives give you the chance to reflect. You can take the time to gain insight and understanding.

You and your coach will review how you currently react and think about the events around you. You will explore how your thoughts and feelings make you human. By talking with your coach, you will gain perspective, probably feel some relief, and may begin seeing things differently.

The breakthrough will come and you will see the world from new eyes. The problems and challenges you have faced will be seen as if you were a stranger: you will see them through different eyes.

We follow each Intensive Coaching weekend with three months of followup personal coaching. During these follow-ups, you and your coach will confront ongoing struggles, develop tactics for making progress, and help you come to the realization that everything has improved. You might even realize that while everything has improved, nothing has really changed other than your attitude or outlook on life.

Our coaches can develop an Intensive Coaching experience that will give you new life. Ask them for this special coaching program.

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