Group Coaching

Join many people with shared interests to form a community that supports and connects with each other.

The Power of Community

Learning to Live Group Coaching

In this setting, your coach passionately helps each achiever enjoy greater everyday inner peace as they realize their inspired goals. You can really feel the spirit of sharing, caring, and support in every meeting.

Group Coaching also allows you to meet new people who could increase your chances to succeed. Everyone wants to grow and they understand your perspective. They may have similar goals and could also want an accountability partner with your skills to help them maximize their progress. It’s a great way to focus your goals, look for barriers or obstacles, and really make some progress.

Imagine the cohesive spirit of having 10 or more people all supporting you in your goals. It is very inspiring!

Each Group Coaching program requires a commitment. Most of the programs last 10 or 12 months giving you detailed instruction, inspiration, and group of people ready to offer you support and help. You really come together in a spirit of community and it shows.

Group members can ask questions during the live training and they have the chance for individual coaching on specific issues.

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Group Coaching allows for creativity and major collaboration by allowing like-minded people to come together all striving toward a common goal. The old adage, “Two heads are better than one” manifests itself in as true power when a group comes together.

Coach Michael Sommermeyer leads #LearingToLive Coaching every Saturday at 10 a.m. EST | 7 a.m. PST. In this group, individuals learn how to realize their dreams, grow, and experience their truest selves.

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Tap into the expertise of a coach and learn from real group member experiences.

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