Goals vs. Habit Changes

We all set goals. Very few of us actually accomplish them.

We start out strong.

“I will lose 30 pounds this year.”

“I will make $50,000 in extra income.”

“I will …”

The problem with all of this is we don’t set goals for the goals. Every major change must become a habit. The only way this happens is if we sent small goals that will lead us to the bigger goal.

Take the idea of losing “30 pounds this year.” This will not happen magically. It will take work.

For instance, you will need to reduce the total number of calories each day to reach a sizable goal like this.

How will you do that? Increasing exercise is the best way. So you need a small goal: a daily workout of 30 minutes burning 300 calories. A daily goal like this becomes a habit. Eventually, those daily burns of 300 calories will manifest themselves into the larger goal. “I will lose 30 pounds this year” seems like something that might happen.

Small goals lead to the bigger ones.