Gen X Relationship Dynamics Coaching

While a Baby Boomer might talk about golf, and a Millennial will talk about cross-fit, you spend so much time focused on your job you don’t know how to relate to a hobby or a life away from work. Gen X Relationship Dynamics helps you achieve balance and find a way to build better rapport with your family and friends.

See Your Relationships in a Clearer Light

Gen X Relationship Dynamics

You hate yourself for neglecting your family, but you have to make a living.

Or, maybe you want a relationship, but have no idea what you really want.

In this 3-month Gen X Relationship Dynamics coaching program, you will learn what you want in a relationship, how to accomplish your goals, and how to grow more fulfilled relationships with the people you love.

Gen X Relationship Dynamics is made up of four 90-minute coaching sessions where you will explore your relationship needs, your wishes to have fulfilling relationships, find out your hidden personality traits, and empower you to build a balance between work and home.

Gen X Relationship Dynamics Program

Casual Hello
We begin with an introduction of you and your coach. A casual hello to learn more about your current situation, why you want a better relationship, and what has been holding you back. We’ll discuss where you are at and how you can achieve success.
In this session, we will review those things that make you tick. We’ll deeply explore your values and beliefs. You will better understand yourself and your passion. Much of the road map we create will come out of this session.
Now we will look at those things holding you back. Where have you struggled and why? Why is your relationship not as good as you’d like? We will find a way to move past your limitations.
Relationship Dynamics Plan
Here we will figure out what you can do to develop a better relationship with your family. What will you need to do to get started? And, what will be needed to accomplish your goal. In this session, we will build your road map.
Tune Up
After a month working with your plan, you and your coach will discuss your challenges and successes. If you need to make adjustments, we will work on modifying the plan. Most of all, you will celebrate your path toward creating better relationships.
Final Session
We will look at the next year and determine what needs to be done to accomplish your goals and develop new ones. This wrap up session will put you on the path toward furthering your growth.

In addition, you will have three 15-minute phone calls (if needed) for solving problems, tackling rough patches, or for motivation. This is like receiving a bonus 45-minute session to fine-tune your growth.

Skills Learned

In this premium coaching program, you will learn how to build better relationships and develop a balance between work and home:

  • Learn how your Gen X personality dovetails into the perfect relationship.
  • See those things you value most and how you can grow those values into strong beliefs.
  • What you need to work on immediately for fast results.
  • The confidence to build meaningful relationships and achieve balance.
  • A road map for future growth and success.

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