Gen X Leadership Training – Building Champions

Leaders learn the skills needed to manage teams, encourage innovation, and mentor. While some may be “natural born leaders,” most leaders learn how to lead. We teach Gen X Leadership Training to new and seasoned managers.

Become a Better Leader

Gen X Leadership Training

You have been promoted to manager, yet the team seems to be working for someone else. You have tried everything and all you have gotten is more stress. There must be something about you that says you would be a good manager. After all, your company put you in the position.

Yet, all you are feeling is a deep pit of despair in your gut.

In this 4-month Gen X Leadership Training program, you will learn how to become a leader. Gen X Leadership Training – Building Champions is made up of six 90-minute coaching sessions where you will learn the leadership skills that suit you, how to build a tight team, and how to motivate your team for success.

Gen X Leadership Training Program

Casual Hello
We begin with an introduction of you and your coach. A casual hello to learn more about your current situation, what you have learned as a manager, and what you hope to accomplish.We’ll look at your goals and current understanding of leadership.
In this session, we will review those things that make you tick. We’ll deeply explore your values and beliefs. You will better understand yourself and your team. Your leadership style will come out of much of the work we do in this session.
Now we will look at those things holding you back. Where have you struggled and why? We will discuss the skills you need to move past your barriers. You will begin to see how your past actually will benefit your future.
Leadership Plan
You and your coach will create a plan to make a quick impact on your team. We will work together to find three skills you can work on now for immediate results. At the conclusion of this session, you will have a map for success.
Tune Up
After a month working with your plan, you and your coach will discuss your challenges and successes. If you need to make adjustments, we will work on modifying the plan. Most of all, you will celebrate your path toward becoming a champion.
Final Session
We will look at the next year and determine what needs to be done to accomplish your goals and develop new ones. This wrap up session will put you on the path toward furthering your growth.

In addition, you will have six 15-minute phone calls (if needed) for solving problems, tackling rough patches, or for motivation. This is like receiving a bonus 90-minute session to fine-tune your growth.

Gen X Leadership Training

Skills Learned

In this premium coaching program, you will learn how to become a better leader:

  • How your Gen X personality shapes your leadership style and how you can maximize your strengths to benefit your team.
  • How your values and beliefs fuel your team mentoring.
  • What you need to work on immediately for fast results.
  • The confidence to take on new management tasks with the knowledge you and your team can perform at an optimal level.
  • A road map for future growth and success.

Let’s begin! Contact me below to discuss beginning this coaching program.

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